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I'm Said Kamotta

Tanzanian Environmental Health Practitioner and Entrepreneur

Hello! I’m Said Kamotta. Registered and licensed Environmental Health Specialist in Tanzania, my expertise in general perspective include Public Health, Waste Management, Workplace Hygiene and Safety. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic workplace projects. Having an in-depth knowledge on Occupational Safety and Health Management, HACCP Systems, Waste Auditing and Sanitation related issues. Strong background in management and leadership.

Professional Portfolio

Environmental Health
Workplace Hygiene and Safety
Business Administration
Integrated Waste Management


With over 3 years of practising various disciplines related to environmental health including occupational health and safety, industrial waste management, workplace hygiene management etc. Managing Simplesan Limited for more than 2 years has shapen my leadership skills in capacity building and business management.


I am passionate about hygiene. Love networking and collaborating with experts in hygiene industry. I spend quite a lot of time experimenting ideas and refining business processes, this keeps my work fresh and excellent. I also spend time volunteering in social activities each month.

  • Professional Networking
  • Science and Technology
  • Innovation and StartUps
  • Environmental Protection
  • Traveling and Adventure
  • Business Relations and Development


Does environmental health matter in Africa?
Good Hygiene Practices At Workplace
Why Should I Recycle My Home Waste

Products Development

Hygiene Systems
  • Complete documentation
  • Hygiene dispensers, equipment and accessories
* Commercial Hygiene
Waste Bin Solutions
  • Complete documentation
  • Waste Container Designs, Sketch and Dimensions
  • Product catalogs of our plastic and stainless steel bins
* Waste Management
Cleaning Products
  • Complete documentation
  • Effective, eco-friendly cleaners and sanitisers
  • Backup support on how to use our products
  • Best quality assuarance

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